Collamask – Your ally in the fight against wrinkles. Beauty and Health – a service not only for women!

The cosmetics market is a powerful branch of production, and every year the anti-ageing cosmetics department is gaining in importance. Cosmetic manufacturers are making ever newer products, promising spectacular effects thanks to the use of NASA technology and ingredients bearing smart Latin names. Unfortunately, the active ingredients of these cosmetics are often only traces of the composition of the preparation, which makes their beneficial effects negligible, while consumers are waiting for spectacular and rapid effects. It is precisely because of consumer needs that a revolutionary Collamask formula has been developed – a mask based on revolutionary natural ingredients in very high concentrations, which, when used regularly, allows the skin to rejuvenate at a level comparable to the aesthetic medicine effects.

The manufacturer of Collamask ensures that after 12 days of regular use of the mask you will notice the first effects when your skin will be able to replenish collagen deficiency and thus become more elastic and moisturized. And after 30 days of use, our wrinkles will be reduced by as much as 30% – an effect that was previously achieved mainly through the use of aesthetic medicine. Thanks to Collamask we can naturally and safely enjoy effects that are unparalleled when using an ordinary anti-wrinkle cream on the face. Apply the mask in the evening before bedtime, applying a thin layer. Due to the popularity of the product and the possibility of purchasing counterfeit products, we recommend that you purchase them only on the distributor’s official website: – only such a purchase guarantees the originality of the product and the effects of use promised by the manufacturer.

To help the mask to work well, it is worthwhile to use appropriate movements taken from the Asian facial massage during its application:

The natural composition of Collamask in response to the needs of ageing skin

Collamask has been developed by scientists who have found the most effective ways to combat wrinkles by using the latest research in anti aging cosmetology, focusing on products of natural origin. The company believes that it is nature that gives us the best results, because the natural elements are the easiest to combine with the skin. Therefore, the selection process resulted in the selection of three components as the main pillars of the mask:

Collagen – the main connective tissue protein responsible for skin elasticity. Loss of collagen that occurs regularly in the aging process leads to reduced elasticity, wrinkles and loss of skin firmness. Since collagen losses are present throughout the body, its insertion internally causes its absorption mainly through the joints, which need it to function properly. To make sure that our skin will also benefit, Collamask manufacturers have introduced collagen as the main component of their mask. Thanks to its exceptionally high collagen content, the skin can make up for shortages, becoming more elastic, moisturized, full of radiance and regenerated.

It is worth mentioning that the discovery of the revolutionary effects of externally used collagen has been discovered in Poland, and the authors of the research are Gda?sk scientists.

Blue clay – a very delicate type of clay, which in a gentle way supports its detoxification and cleaning. By binding heavy metals and contaminants, it supports the skin regeneration process and allows for even more effective collagen action. The clay gives the skin its earthy colour a shine and uniform colour.

Amino acid complex – provides nourishment for the skin, which supports its natural defensive functions and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Amino acids act complementary to collagen, increasing its anti-wrinkle effect.

Non-invasive Aging Care Support

While the incredibly rich composition of the Collamask mask provides spectacular effects, it’s worthwhile to enhance your skin to maximize the effects you achieve and allow your skin to look its best. To this end, we recommend maintaining a hygienic lifestyle, stopping smoking and alcohol abuse, as well as introducing everyday small but extremely effective ways:


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